Suncoast Liner (CIPP) Sewer Liner

Suncoast Infrastructure, Inc.

Suncoast Infrastructure's cured-in-place pipe liner restores structural integrity to cracked and deteriorated underground pipes. Once installed into the host pipe, CIPP will inhibit ground water infiltration while reducing the volume flowing through the system and to the treatment facility. The high quality resin and superior dry tube used to manufacture Suncoast® Liner provide exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion from harsh sewer gases. Suncoast® Liner is carefully manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM F-1216, the industry standard for cured-in-place piping.

We have installed Suncoast® Liner CIPP in both small and large diameter sewer lines and storm drains across the south. Our projects include installations in small towns, large cities, airports, military bases, private systems, and industrial plants. We have successfully completed many projects in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Panhandle, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Western Tennessee.

Since 1998 Suncoast Infrastructure has been extending the life of underground sewer and drainage structures without costly digging or lengthy interruption. Chances are good that we've got you covered with a cost effective solution.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Our territory includes: Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, East Texas, West Tennessee, Alabama and Florida Panhandle.

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